Superhero Party

Superhero Party

Rather than throwing an ordinary party, you should go for a theme party! That theme should somewhat be a superhero party. The following suggestions should offer you some ideas for your upcoming superhero party.

spiderman vs frozen

1. Send out your invitations on cut-outs of superheroes. Your writing could be the words cut out from newspapers.

2. There are over 5000 Marvel superhero characters alone. Try opting for one of the more obscure characters. This may provide you with an interesting talking point and will provide a fun game of guess the superhero.

3. Hire a smoke generator for the entrance so that your guests can arrive in a fog of smoke. This will provide a novel twist in your superhero theme party!

4. You will get costumes for your pets. It’ll be hilarious if you dress your Family pet up as a superhero!

5. Great super markets will stock superhero plates, balloons, cups and napkins. You can get large sized cut outs from dvd rental stores as usually they just throw them inside the bin, they should well be free of charge.

6. Ensure you play your superhero party music and perhaps a Spiderman dvd on the loop.

7. Most supermarkets should stock superhero themed cakes and biscuits. You ought to get an action figure to put on the cake.

8. The drinks of choice for your superhero party should be energy drinks. The most obvious of these being Powerade!

9. Provide your food names such as Batman Baguettes or Superman Sandwiches.

10. Use a competition for the best outfit. State around the invitations that there will probably be prizes on offer! This can encourage everybody to be seen up.

11. You should have test of strength competitions including tug of war and arm wrestling. These can create hilarious photo opportunities and fun memories.

spiderman vs frozen


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